Here are some helpful links and information about COVID-19 related items and how they relate to M-A Athletics.

CIF Press Release 12/1/20

Start dates for each sport in 2020-21

Clearance packet

California Dept. of Public Health info on high school sports (pg 13-14)

CDPH FAQs on school sports

Parent Info Night recording from 8/25/20


Does my kid still need a physical? Yes, but we can accept a tele-visit. The doctor’s note just needs to say the patient’s name, when they were seen and that they are cleared for participation in all sports. Physicals are due one week before tryouts/practice start date. The rest of the clearance packet must be submitted before conditioning starts (if applicable for the sport).

Can my kid still get PE credit if their sport is cancelled? Yes, if they fully participate in the fall conditioning for a Season 1 sport. If the sport is NOT cancelled, they still need to participate in the sport to get credit. Also, 9th graders do not get PE credit so this does not pertain to them. All 9th graders must be enrolled in PE, so this really only relates to 10th grade and beyond.

How do I sign my child up for fall conditioning? Just fill out the clearance packet on SportsNet. The coach will then be in touch with details on when and where they will meet.

What precautions are you taking to ensure the safety of my child during conditioning/tryouts/practices?  See pg. 13-14 here. This pertains to COVID precautions, not precautions we take to avoid injury.