Hall of Fame

Below you will find a complete list of our Hall of Fame inductees. We hold an induction every other year, on even years. If you’d like to nominate a person or team for consideration, please fill the M-A HOF Nomination Form  and email to the address indicated on the form. The 2018 induction invitation can be found here.

Go Bears!

Menlo-Atherton Athletic Hall of Fame
Last Name First Name F/M Sport Year Inducted
Yoshida Michelle F Badminton 1994
Howe Colby M Baseball 1994
Melvin Bob M Baseball 1994
Whitlock Joel M Baseball 1994
Boyd Darcy F Basketball 1994
Clark Melody F Basketball 1994
Harris Ken M Basketball 1994
Sadler Wanda F Basketball 1994
Watts Jim M Basketball 1994
Wendell Bob M Basketball 1994
Bettencourt Frank M Coach-Baseball 1994
Andeen Laura F Cross Country 1994
Harbury Eva F Cross Country 1994
Hoch John M Cross Country 1994
Hull David M Cross Country 1994
Thurston Gary M Cross Country 1994
Banducci Russ M Football 1994
Ratliff Troy M Football 1994
Tittle Mike M Football 1994
Preininger Mark M Golf 1994
Stevens Jason M Golf 1994
Burns Winnie F Soccer 1994
Moura Chris M Soccer 1994
Navarette Ignacio M Soccer 1994
Taylor Ken M Soccer 1994
Williams Meg F Soccer 1994
Neufeld Shelly F Softball 1994
Simpson Kathy F Softball 1994
Traina Paulette F Softball 1994
Bannai Kyo F Swimming 1994
Buckingham Greg M Swimming 1994
Edwards Mary F Swimming 1994
Roth Dick M Swimming 1994
Silva Chris M Swimming 1994
Warner Anne F Swimming 1994
Aguilar Carlos M Tennis 1994
Burt Emily F Tennis 1994
Kanroji Shige M Tennis 1994
Palacek Misha M Tennis 1994
Bates Paul M Track and Field 1994
Burns Dick M Track and Field 1994
Cheatham Jim M Track and Field 1994
Greene Sonja F Track and Field 1994
Johnson Chi F Track and Field 1994
King Trish F Track and Field 1994
Tautuaa Tofi F Volleyball 1994
Wilson Shana F Volleyball 1994
Wong Amy F Volleyball 1994
Dorst Chris M Water Polo 1994
MacKenzie Jim M Water Polo 1994
Stites Jeff M Water Polo 1994
Fennell Kevin M Wrestling 1994
Prado Ed M Wrestling 1994
Prince DeDon M Wrestling 1994
Nishikawa Jun M Badminton 1995
Dunton Jim M Baseball 1995
Tokheim Dave M Baseball 1995
Tweet Russ M Baseball 1995
Barbour Darrell M Basketball 1995
Dow Jerald M Basketball 1995
Grout Heather F Basketball 1995
Simpson Kathy F Basketball 1995
Spears Nina F Basketball 1995
Williams Atiba M Basketball 1995
Nagai Inez F Coach 1995
Barbour John M Cross Country 1995
Britts Dan M Cross Country 1995
Valpey Ben M Cross Country 1995
Anderson Grant M Football 1995
McClure James M Football 1995
Raventos John M Football 1995
Allard Chris M Soccer 1995
Hoffman Laura F Soccer 1995
Kane Mike M Soccer 1995
Nielsen Dana F Soccer 1995
Peña Rigoberto (Israel) M Soccer 1995
Reif Dede F Soccer 1995
Decius Stephanie F Softball 1995
Sherman Carol F Softball 1995
Wilderink Maureen F Softball 1995
Kavanaugh Maureen F Swimming 1995
Kidder Russ M Swimming 1995
Lanphere Darci F Swimming 1995
Scott John M Swimming 1995
Tait Carol F Swimming 1995
Spieker Tod M Swimming 1995
Ballard Anne F Tennis 1995
Burnett Grady M Tennis 1995
Burwell Tom M Tennis 1995
Marks Nancy F Tennis 1995
Neiman Jeff M Tennis 1995
Bates Patrice F Track and Field 1995
Ellis Greg M Track and Field 1995
Kennedy Larry M Track and Field 1995
King Mike M Track and Field 1995
Nichols Sharon F Track and Field 1995
Trevisan Kathy F Track and Field 1995
Bindervoet Sandy F Volleyball 1995
Foley Chrissy F Volleyball 1995
Martinez Scarlet F Volleyball 1995
Parsons Don M Water Polo 1995
Procter Glenn M Water Polo 1995
Ready Bill M Water Polo 1995
Hedenberg Bruce M Wrestling 1995
Jensen Lars M Wrestling 1995
Jensen Thor M Wrestling 1995
Chan Kelvin M Badminton 1996
Gaggioli Sue F Badminton 1996
Vucinich Jan F Badminton 1996
Bressea Rob M Baseball 1996
Dunton Kevin M Baseball 1996
Pommes Rod M Baseball 1996
Clewies Bernice F Basketball 1996
Crane Tom M Basketball 1996
Little Sandy F Basketball 1996
McFall Devon F Basketball 1996
Reed Cedric M Basketball 1996
Reed Kendrick M Basketball 1996
Ayers Bob M Coach – 1996
Bullock Andy M Cross Country 1996
Horstmeyer Susan F Cross Country 1996
Awbrey Craig M Football 1996
Blackwell Burt M Football 1996
Hyde Barry M Football 1996
Barger Sally F Soccer 1996
Galvez Terry F Soccer 1996
Jorgensen Kurt M Soccer 1996
Moore Andy M Soccer 1996
Moura Steve M Soccer 1996
Scandalios Lori F Soccer 1996
Osteen Jeanne F Softball 1996
Steiner Barbara F Softball 1996
Winn Peggy F Softball 1996
Baxter Georgia F Swimming 1996
Benson Beth F Swimming 1996
Laird Bob M Swimming 1996
Mortenson John M Swimming 1996
Plate Bob M Swimming 1996
Procter Carol F Swimming 1996
Beare Chris M Tennis 1996
Bennett Kim F Tennis 1996
Peterson Mike M Tennis 1996
Tennant Adam M Tennis 1996
Young Lynne F Tennis 1996
Dolliver Jane F Track and Field 1996
DuPee Reggie M Track and Field 1996
Hatcher Bill M Track and Field 1996
MacKenzie Don M Track and Field 1996
Miller Cynthia F Track and Field 1996
Young Kim F Track and Field 1996
Gaggioli Sandy F Volleyball 1996
Dunton Krista F Volleyball 1996
Peterson Jennie F Volleyball 1996
Lorton Bill M Water Polo 1996
Ready Pete M Water Polo 1996
Tanner John M Water Polo 1996
Banducci Doug M Wrestling 1996
Lynch Mike M Wrestling 1996
Newson Marshall M Wrestling 1996
Gaggioli Sandy F Badminton 1997
Marcus Emily F Badminton 1997
O’Hearn Bob M Baseball 1997
Pagee Shawn M Baseball 1997
Partemi Danny M Baseball 1997
Dallmar Howie M Basketball 1997
White Denard M Basketball 1997
Carlson Ann F Basketball 1997
Cheatham Lisa F Basketball 1997
Earle Angela F Basketball 1997
Hausler John M Cross Country 1997
O’Donnell Jim M Cross Country 1997
Amsbaugh Marian f Cross Country 1997
Hoberg Kathy F Cross Country 1997
Gaughran Bob M Coach – Water Polo 1997
Anderson Scott M Football 1997
Doyle Mike M Football 1997
Martinez Tom M Football 1997
Blackwood Tom M Multi-Sport 1997
Sadler Wanda F Multi-Sport 1997
Gaetano Nicole F Softball 1997
Kim Tai M Soccer 1997
Dobbs Gerald M Soccer 1997
Bailey Nancy F Soccer 1997
Gardner Lynn F Soccer 1997
Preininger Susan F Soccer 1997
Behr Jay M Swimming 1997
Denys Steven M Swimming 1997
Stites Jeff M Swimming 1997
Schroeder Karen F Swimming 1997
Tolles Par M Tennis 1997
Warren Peter M Tennis 1997
Anderson Roland M Track and Field 1997
Nicholson Art M Track and Field 1997
Shenk Rob M Track and Field 1997
Mullen Laura F Tennis 1997
Whelan Sophie F Tennis 1997
Couluris Joanna F Track and Field 1997
Hagey Sophy F Volleyball 1997
Nevin Lisa F Volleyball 1997
Parker Joan F Volleyball 1997
Avery Regan M Water Polo 1997
Brandt Bill M Water Polo 1997
Roth Doug M Water Polo 1997
Parks Ralph M Wrestling 1997
Williams Clint M Wrestling 1997
Shepard Rod M Baseball 1998
Jackson Troy M Baseball 1998
Gray Cedric M Baseball 1998
Davis Gary M Basketball 1998
Rudow Ted M Basketball 1998
Cavu Sofaia F Basketball 1998
Johnson Chi F Basketball 1998
Tautuaa Tofi F Basketball 1998
Magoon Marshall M Cross Country 1998
Dobbs Ed M Football 1998
McGraw Dan M Football 1998
Tautuaa Salofi M Football 1998
Davis Cliff M Golf 1998
Peer Clarissa F Soccer 1998
Spencer Ann F Soccer 1998
Bannai Yusuke M Swimming 1998
Ready Bill M Swimming 1998
Ready Pete M Swimming 1998
Chapple John M Tennis 1998
Solari Ken M Tennis 1998
Bruce Steve M Track and Field 1998
Hodges Anthony m Track and Field 1998
Nevin Jack M Track and Field 1998
O’Donohue Erin F Track and Field 1998
Scott Jennifer F Volleyball 1998
Bulifant Nicole F Volleyball 1998
McAfee Keith M Water Polo 1998
Otto Warren M Water Polo 1998
McLachlan Murray M Water Polo 1998
White Paul M Wrestling 1998
Banducci Russ M Wrestling 1998
Burns Winnie F Multi-Sport 1998
Newson Marshall M Multi-Sport 1998
Miller Arlene F Coach – 1998
Guglielmetti Ron M Baseball 2002
Rhodes Randy M Baseball 2002
Wright Rick M Basketball 2002
Harris Lois F Basketball 2002
Waller Krystyna F Basketball 2002
Turner Hal M Football 2002
Welch Pete M Football 2002
Camahort Andre M Soccer 2002
Wallace Chris M Soccer 2002
Burt Emily F Soccer 2002
Sabelman Holly F Soccer 2002
Bindervoet Sandy F Softball 2002
Gallo Kelly F Softball 2002
Collet Brian M Swimming 2002
Lanphere Andrew M Swimming 2002
Irwin Jenny F Swimming 2002
Marx Larry M Tennis 2002
Marx Randy M Tennis 2002
Clark Richard M Track and Field 2002
Waller Willie M Track and Field 2002
Pieslak Sylvia F Track and Field 2002
Hubbard Summer F Volleyball 2002
Kirchner Christl F Volleyball 2002
Silva Chris M Water Polo 2002
Tanner Rich M Water Polo 2002
Fuqua Fana F Water Polo 2002
Irwin Beth F Water Polo 2002
Ware James M Wrestling 2002
Hilton Bill M Multi-Sport 2002
Holt Ashley F Multi-Sport (XC/Track) 2002
Jorgensen Richard “Yogi” M Multi-Sport 2002
King Trish F Multi-Sport 2002
Parks Ben M Coach – Football/Wrestling 2002
Elliot Seth M Badminton 2004
Bass Dick M Baseball 2004
Ralls Bob M Basketball 2004
Moore Freda F Basketball 2004
Glare Chloe F Cross Country 2004
Holmes Carla F Cross Country 2004
Atkinson Frank M Football 2004
Bradley Chuck M Football 2004
Olerich David M Football 2004
Toney Steve M Multi-Sport 2004
Guerra Gonzalo M Soccer 2004
Lorton Bill M Swimming 2004
Irwin Beth F Swimming 2004
Schneider Mike M Coach-Tennis 2004
Atkinson Bob M Track and Field 2004
Reese Ernie M Track and Field 2004
Hubbard Tracie F Volleyball 2004
Avery Brian M Water Polo 2004
Bouchier Megan F Water Polo 2004
1956 Boys Water Polo Team M Water Polo 2004
Camarillo Greg M Football & Basketball 2014
Eaton Kelly F Water Polo & Swimming 2014
Hawkins Connie & Owen F & M Boosters 2014
Hayes Erica F Basketball 2014
Mineau Jeremy M Cross Country & Track 2014
Mohr Susan F Boosters 2014
Moore Kitty F Boosters 2014
Vartan Brent M Football/Soccer/Track 2014
Yanicks Plato Cross Country/Track coach 2014
1978 Girls Swim Team F Swimming 2014
1989 Boys Basketball Team M Basketball 2014
Dallmar Howie & Kerry Boosters 2016
Decker Fred M Soccer 2016
Henne Jan F Swimming 2016
Nicholson Cheryl F Softball 2016
Ostrander T.C. M Football 2016
Pech Edwin M Wrestling 2016
Rapakko Saana F Golf 2016
Wimberly Pam F Coach-Basketball 2016
1959-60 Boys Track M Track 2016
1961-62 Boys Water Polo M Water Polo 2016
1990-91 Girls Basketball F Basketball 2016
Beckstrom Casey  F Softball 2018
Crumpler Robert M Track & Field 2018
Haley Alec M Tennis 2018
Longyear Rick M Coach-Girls Water Polo 2018
Mangiola Marino M Coach-Boys Soccer 2018
Paga Shaun M Football & Wrestling 2018
Seely Diane F Volleyball 2018
Wimberly Pam F Coach-Basketball 2018
1964-1965 Boys Swimming M Swimming 2018
1984-1985 Boys Soccer M Soccer 2018